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Newsletter of St. John the Apostle Parish

September 2023

Dear Parish Family and Friends,

I will be sharing with you part two of ‘Why we make the sign of the Cross’. 

‘The Cross as Sign’

The symbol of the Cross is common to Christians of all traditions and has been since the beginning of Christian history. It is to be seen in art, in and on our churches, and as ornaments on our bodies. All of this is appropriate for Christians, because the sign of the Cross constantly reminds us of what Christ did for us all.

When we make the sign of the Cross, we are reminding ourselves that what Christ did on the Cross ‘He did for me’ personally!

In making the sign of the Cross, we “glory in the Cross of Christ”, and we ‘take up our Cross.’ When we ‘take up our Cross’ we must be prepared to say to God ‘not what I will, but your will be done.’ ‘Not I, but thou!’

The Cross as ‘Prayer’

Very often when we make the sign of the Cross, we do it to accompany another prayer. For example, we make the sign of the Cross when we say the words “In the Name of the Father…etc.” In this case, the three points of the Cross may remind us of the Trinity. Making the sign of the Cross is also a prayer itself, as prayer without words.

It is fitting that when we come together in worship, we should worship with all our being. We are to worship with our minds, our souls, and also our bodies, for our bodies are the “Temple of the Holy Spirit.” Making the sign of the Cross is nothing less than worshiping with our bodies, for what is more fitting for the body than movement and gesture?

When we use words to pray, we are using only one form of language. The body has its own language also, in which making the sign of the Cross is an eloquent expression. One small gesture can speak volumes of words.

Next month we will look at why we genuflect and bow.

In Christ,

Fr. Wirth, Rector

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