Newsletter of St. John the Apostle Parish

June 2022

Dear Parish Family and Friends,

The month of June has several feasts which we should be aware of:

  • Pentecost Sunday which is a membership Sunday (which means you are to be present at Mass and make your Holy Communion)

  • Trinity Sunday, which we celebrate in honor of the Most Holy and Blessed Trinity.

  • Corpus Christi (Body of Christ) and the Sunday following as an extension of this feast.

  •  St. Barnabas, AP, M on Saturday, June 11th,

  • Nativity of John the Baptist on Saturday, June 25th

  •  St. Peter, AP. M. on Thursday, June 29th. A Mass has been scheduled for each of these feasts, so please check your monthly calendar.

You might ask why we have so many feast days and days of obligation. It is because in a busy world like the one we live in it gives us an opportunity to stop and give thanks to God for sending his Son Jesus Christ into the world to redeem us and save us from our sins. Pentecost, Trinity Sunday, and the Feast of Corpus Christi each remind us of an event, a belief, and a celebration of God’s gift to us of the Holy Spirit, A Triune God, and the sacrifice which Jesus made for us in giving us His Body and Blood. St. Barnabas and St. Peter, both Apostles who gave their lives for the Church which they were commissioned by Christ to continue His work in converting the world. The Nativity of John the Baptist reminds us that like John we are expected to be forerunners of the Gospel proclaiming forgiveness of sin and the Lamb of God (Jesus Christ) who came into the world to reconcile us to His Father.

As summer approaches think of it as not just a time to relax from the daily troubles of the world, but a time where like Jesus as he took His Disciples aside from the madness of the world to refresh them for the battle which lay ahead. We promised to fight under the banner of Christ when we were baptized and again when we were confirmed. This is a vow which we must take with all seriousness. Only when we are truly preaching the gospel of Jesus will the Church advance in conquering the world.

Father Wirth, Rector